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Sustainable Medicine

The public healthcare that we have today is informed by ideas about medicine that are falling away as we realize how interconnected we are. It once seemed self-evident that one-size-fits-all solutions would be most economical and therefore most beneficial to implement across populations. Nowadays, the cutting edge is looking to […]

Illness as Initiation

I’ve recently been inspired by the people on the New and Ancient Story community ( to think about illness as initiation. Especially when bodily challenges are of a chronic nature or when they irretrievably alter us in some way, it’s possible to see them as doorways to a new life. […]

Tic Checklist

I’ve had a lot of clients of late calling with emergency tic questions. Here’s what I recommend: Manual Processing Hold the bite site with one hand and place the other over the ureters, the tubes that drain from the kidneys to the urinary bladder, which are best accessed in the […]

Short Story: The Undead

The elderly couple slept in a full size bed, which left no room for sprawl. In order to  make this work, they had learned over their fifty one years together to sleep strictly on their backs with their hands pressed tightly down by their sides. Occasionally, Bettie would fling an […]