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Now-walking… with Grace

A little while ago, Dr. Peebles gave me a bit of advice. He suggested that, as often as necessary, I repeat this phrase: “Right here, right now, all’s well.”

I love that disembodied doctor, but it didn’t really work for me. Too clunky, a bit removed, not active enough. And lately, I’ve really needed something to keep me out of my head and in the moment.

Driving back from a yoga class the other day in a rather desperate state, I started repeating, “Now-walking, now-walking, now-walking…” It was simple and embodied. “Now-walking, now-walking, now-walking…”

As I stepped through the moments, I noticed that the now-walking wasn’t stifling or negating my feelings as higher-aiming mantras sometimes seem to do. My emotions were still arising and seemed to have a clarity. I named them: “Now-walking with fear, now-walking with fear, now-walking, now-walking…” As I stayed with the now-walking, the emotions would arise and subside. I could feel them coming and watch them going from a position of relative stability.

I could also use the now-walking with intention, asking for a transition: “Now-walking with ease, now-walking with ease, now-walking with ease.” I can’t say the ease has fully arrived, but the phrase has definitely stuck.

So here is my solstice gift to you now-walkers out there, a phrase that has been working for me as I wait for the return of the light.

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Stella Osorojos Eisenstein

Stella Osorojos Eisenstein is an intuitive bodyworker with training in multiple modalities. Her book, Star Sister: How I Changed My Name, Grew Wings, and Learned to Trust Intuition was published in 2012 by North Atlantic Books.

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