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Tic Checklist

I’ve had a lot of clients of late calling with emergency tic questions. Here’s what I recommend:

Manual Processing Hold the bite site with one hand and place the other over the ureters, the tubes that drain from the kidneys to the urinary bladder, which are best accessed in the lower back. (Google the ureters for a visual.) Hold this connection for four hours in chunks of time no less than 20 minutes. Feel free to watch TV while you’re doing this. For kids, it’s often easiest to do this while they’re sleeping.

Doxycycline Consider a single high dose of antibiotic. It’s easier to clean up antibiotic damage than the effects of long term Lyme.

Herbs Classical Pearls has a formula called Dragon Pearls that can be effective if you’re adverse to antibiotic.

Tic wound Apply tea tree oil to the bite site, one drop morning and evening.

Kidney care Run warm water down the back of your legs in a hot shower. The kidney meridian runs there and this will help them to flush. Also, try not to stress or linger in fear, which will weaken the kidneys and be counterproductive. You’ve done so much to improve your health there is likely no cause for worry anyway!

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Stella Osorojos Eisenstein

Stella Osorojos Eisenstein is an intuitive bodyworker with training in multiple modalities. Her book, Star Sister: How I Changed My Name, Grew Wings, and Learned to Trust Intuition was published in 2012 by North Atlantic Books.

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