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Tic Checklist

I’ve had a lot of clients of late calling with emergency tic questions. Here’s what I recommend: Manual Processing Hold the bite site with one hand and place the other over the ureters, the tubes that drain from the kidneys to the urinary bladder, which are best accessed in the […]

Short Story: The Undead

The elderly couple slept in a full size bed, which left no room for sprawl. In order to  make this work, they had learned over their fifty one years together to sleep strictly on their backs with their hands pressed tightly down by their sides. Occasionally, Bettie would fling an […]

Poem: Eminent domain

Our children are not your eminent domain by Stella Osorojos The first time you came,  you told us that God had given you right to the land under our feet, the land that had birthed us and through us, our children. You would improve it. Here is what we saw: […]

Viruses as Allies

For a little perspective about all the germ phobia, here is how I work with the human biome: I don’t try to kill viruses or bacteria. Instead, I try to bring our viral and bacterial allies into alignment. Bacteria and viruses coexist with us for a reason. In our gut, […]