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A client I’ll call Kim came in for a treatment the other day. She is adept at doing alchemical work, meaning that she listens for the place inside her that hurts, has the courage to uncover it, and uses whatever comes up to transform any limiting beliefs associated with what […]

Cancer Info

This is my down-and-dirty post about cancer. I wrote it for a FB group and am re-posting here since I get asked so much about it: Even though I think it’s impossible to definitively say what an individual dealing with cancer is needing to work with, some themes that I’ve […]

‘Natural’ Medicine

A conceit that informs traditional medicines has come under attack by purveyors of Western medicine dogma. Specifically, the equation of ‘natural’ with ‘good’ is being targeted for expulsion from consensus medicine. See here for the group-think talking points. What do we mean by ‘natural’? Why is it good? These are, […]

Energy Medicine and Alchemy

When Caroline Myss, Donna Eden, Barbara Brennan, and others talk about ‘Energy Medicine,’ they describe an energetic system based on Chakras. The Chakras are seen as energetic centers that climb from the sacrum to crown and have poetic correspondences that practitioners can use to help their clients decode trauma. Practitioners […]


One way to conceptualize aging is as an accumulation of traumas. You probably know about physical traumas—those ski injuries, car accidents, or small but impactful bumps or twists that seemingly changed your body forever. Emotional and spiritual traumas also get lodged in our bodies, creating patterns of belief that end […]